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4 Simple Tips For Fly Fishing Success

Follow these 4 tips to make the most out of your fly fishing experience

Learn How To Read The Water

We'd love to just walk up to a river or lake, cast a line, and just reel 'em in. Sometimes, it's like that (if you're lucky). Most times, you'll have the best chance at a catch when you learn how to read the water. Rivers have pockets fish like to hang out in and wait for food whereas lakes have bottom structures and depths that fish prefer over other areas. Long story short: If you don’t know how to read the water, you may end up fishing spots that don’t hold any fish. A day out on the lake or river is always a good time, but we have a feeling you may want to reel something in.

Learn how to read the water during the new local summer favorite, Bass guided tours on the Lower Kern!

Want some extra pointers? Our upcoming floating Bass Clinic is filling up fast. Catch a spot while you still can to have a great summer day out on the lower kern.

Learn Basic Entomology

Learning entomology, or the study of insects, may not have been on the top of your to-do list before reading this. However, if you want to fly fish successfully, you may want to bring it up a few notches on the totem pole. Just a few basics will help your fishing game when it comes to choosing a fly. Pro tip: If you’re struggling to find the right fly for the situation, with a bit of entomology knowledge, you can flip over a few rocks and match your flies to what crawls out. You can learn basic entomology on any of our guided trips, online courses, or fly fishing school.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Fly casting is one of the most enjoyable parts of the whole experience….once you get it down. Just like riding a bike, driving a car, or any other skill, it takes some practice. With the right instruction, practice (notice we said that twice now), and proper equipment, anyone can do it! The best place to learn is actually out in the water, so don’t be shy! We have a team full of fun & knowledgeable guides who know just how to pull the best cast out of you and set you up for a lifetime of great times out on the water.

Practice your casting at the Lower Kern Bass Clinic where you’ll learn about proper casting, flies, and techniques to use while fly fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth bass, as well as instruction on floatation while fishing and maneuvering your frameless pontoon. This outing INCLUDES the use of a personal floatation device, fins, life jacket, oars, and bass flies. Join us for a fun day floating out on the water!

Learn the Best Ways to Catch & Release

This may not apply to every fishing trip, but for the times you are utilizing catch and release, it’s a big one. Catch and release can be an incredible way to enjoy the sport of fishing while letting your catch swim away (after an epic photo, of course). The key here is to treat the fish in such a way that they can swim away without any life-threatening damage.

Join us for a day of catch and release as we fish from frameless pontoons on Lower Kern bass trips. Now booking half and full-day trips with groups of up to 3 people. Grab some buddies and let’s go fishing!


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